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A new dimension in which purity is created.

A new idea to machine iron head out of steel block.
Craftsmen who know steel well use their enthusiasm toward manufacturing and outstanding skills to shape optimal golf club.
Unknown feeling of strike thanks to full-milled pure steel.
Craftsmen lead golf to a whole new dimension.


A new dimension in which purity is created.
Steel is a living creature. No matter to what extent techniques evolve, there exist theoretical geometries that cannot be shaped by just machines. There are craftsmen who know steel well.
They communicate with steel in a sophisticated dimension that is utterly different from ordinary world so that wisdom, techniques and experiences are all necessary. Craftsmen have their enthusiasm toward dreams so that we keep being impressed.
The craftsmen who support Japan’s automobile industry meet the professionals of golf clubs. The people who operate machines with their imagination and skills produce molds without even tiniest error. There are also people who depict the optimal shape of golf club.
When these people meet, MUQU the iron head of new dimension was created. Golf is a sport of theories in which geometry of club, movement of body and players’ characteristics can be analyzed scientifically. Many players could keep polishing their skills and hearts and pursuing their dreams. MUQU is the answer from craftsmen to these dreams.
With all-new manufacturing method of steel, full-milled club is made out of pure steel. As the raw material, steel is carefully chosen as selecting high-end dresses. Furthermore, it is players themselves who decide the number of iron head to be made. It is the iron head that can only be made out of the best techniques and materials. Especially, a whole new worldview. Moreover, craftsmen from various fields collaborate and use their skills to shape the golf club. Along with the teamwork of craftsmen, the dream product is optimized to very details.
MUQU is the product of people who explore the horizon of manufacturing with their skills and imagination. It is the iron head produced by priceless techniques that features refined style and overwhelmingly unique feeling of strike. It is the iron head that has never been experienced even by professionals. Now it fascinates players by its originality. Craftsmen guide people to an unknown realm of golf.
Created by combining craftsmen’ skills
There are craftsmen who keep polishing their already superior skills and pursue their dreams of manufacturing. Combining enthusiasm with skills, they challenge the unknowns of manufacturing. Thanks to the spirit, craftsmen in central Japan gathered together and initiated the project ‘KASANE CHUBU’. From ancient times, creation of new valuables through combination of different things is called ‘KASANE’ in Japan. ‘KASANE CHUBU’ is to create unknown products by combining skills of different fields.
Central Japan has automobile as its core industry to supports Japan’s manufacturing. But now, there are skills vanishing because of insufficient successors. It is always wanted to explore new possibilities of those superior skills and change the current situation. With that in mind, craftsmen unite their enthusiasms and overturn the common senses. Eventually, the networking between craftsmen established in central Japan will reach to the whole country, even to the entire world.
‘MUQU’ is the very first product of ‘KASANE CHUBU’. MS Group and its mold craftsmen initiated the collaboration between 11 companies of both traditional and advanced technologies. As Tokyo Olympic Game is coming in 2020, iron head manufactured by groundbreaking methodology of full-milled technique presents the exactness of golf. Using the power of manufacturing to revolutionize sports and show players the unknown worldview of golf, craftsmen just starts their challenges.

1-2.Mold manufacturing MS Manufacturing Department 3.Design and supervision mevael corp 4.Plating NAGOYA PLATING 5.Etching World Etching
6.Package HIRADAN 7.Grinding Nagoya Precision Mold 8.Forging Asano-Kajiya 9.Shippo Yaki Enamel Tamura-Shippo 10.Mino Washi Japanese Paper Marujyu paper company

■ Main body
Mold manufacturing|
MS Manufacturing Department
Design and supervision|mevael corp
■ Decoration option
Etching|World Etching
Grinding|Nagoya Precision Mold
■ Main body option
Rubber manufacturing|FUSOU-Kagaku
Mino Washi Japanese Paper|
Marujyu paper company
Shippo Yaki Enamel|Tamura-Shippo
■ Branding
Coupgut Inc.
Iron head, the beginning of a new age
Common sense of manufacturing is about to be overturned. According to the number of iron head, it provides different way of hitting the ball. MUQU is going to change that. For all kinds of iron heads, players can swing them in the same way. Based on ergonomics, the 3D design can suppress both horizontal and vertical shift due to number of iron head. As the error due to swinging being excluded, such iron head leads to perfect course of the ball. It is an idea that has never been accomplished by anyone before.
The concept is clearly shown by the data. From number 5 to PW, the values of depth and height of center of mass smoothly changes and leads to optimal course of the ball. Angle of center of mass and face progression change gradually with number of iron head. The troublesome horizontal shift is limited and avoided. The distance of center of mass and sole bounce angle is held constant, which makes changing position of the ball nor the way of swinging unnecessary.
It is not player who gets used to different numbers of iron head. Instead, it is the iron head that adapts to player. It is a new idea that the process of hitting a ball can be automatically corrected. MUQU brings golf to a new age.
Such accuracy is due to full-milled technique. Machining process follows design so that no error occurs. The product is shaped exactly in the way of the idea describes. Different from forging or lost-wax molding which depend on toughness of steel itself, full-milled technique gives elegantly structured pure steel that can be admired using microscope.
Furthermore, it is the unique MUQU personally customized for you, which is introduced into the industry for the first time. Steel, as raw material, can be selected in the way that fits one’s favorite feeling of strike. Players themselves can also decide the number of iron head. It is the iron head that best fits you, individually designed for you and can be trusted in your hand.
It is the very first full-milled iron head in the world as elegant as high-end dresses. The feeling of strike born from absolutely precise and pure steel is unambiguously a new dimension.
Forged goods
By the hands of craftsmen who know steel well
In the realm of 0.01mm scale, the specifications of MUQU is directly associated with appearance. Even the tiniest error of steel machining is not allowed. The club of new idea is brought to reality by the hands of craftsmen who support Japan’s automobile industry. Steel is a living creature. It deforms if one does not take good care of it. Nature and serious bending occur if large force is applied. Depending on how it is machined, steel responses in the same way. While communicating with the raw material, concept of MUQU is brought into reality with the presence of daring but still delicate skill of mold manufacturing. It is a job that can be done with nothing but corporation with steel.
Also, craftsmen’s skills can be reflected by the beauty of MUQU. As steel is being machined, blade leaves its marks on the surface. These marks are the proof of craftsmen’s exhaustive calculation. They fascinate people who have MUQU in their hands. How to make products elegant? There is no ending to this question. Trial and error involved in the process cannot be explained in just a few words. It is a world of people who are fully packed with knowledge of steel and machines only that ordinary people cannot imagine. Design is done by 3-dimentional CAD, and data is read into CAM, then depicted shapes can be realized. However, human’s wisdom is also required in pursuing of elegancy. Craftsmen do not even need to consider things like strength of tool or operating angles to operate machines freely. With the sensitivity of craftsmen who pursue elegancy through their skills, MUQU is presented.
Challenging the unknowns by empathy and collaboration
We have never produced iron head before. ‘What if we produce golf club using mold manufacturing skills?’ so as we thought. From our enthusiasm to explore more about manufacturing, MUQU was born. It is the iron head that can bring players unknown excitement. From the job of supporting Japan’s automobile industry from business to business, we move to the job that brings players excitements from business to customers. Not only to the people who produce but also to the people who receive it should feel the excitement spread through the product.
The craftsmen who have empathy to challenge the new frontiers combine their skills to make MUQU. The plating craftsman who was recognized as the ‘Great Craftsmen in the present world’, the grinding craftsman who has been awarded by royal family, etching craftsman who decorates using cutting-edge technologies, and the blade smith who work in an old-fashioned collaborate, which is required for MUQU to be created. It is the iron head born from the skills of invaluable craftsmen. Starting from Tokai area, challenges toward possibilities of manufacturing is spreading. Created by the collaboration of craftsmen of new age, MUQU is brought to reality. Along with it is the enthusiasm and romance of manufacturing.

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54-2, Tatetsukuri, Haruhi, kiyosu, Aichi 452-0962 JAPAN
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